Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So...we're not professional photographers.

One of the hardest parts of designing for me is getting great, artistic photos of the finished objects.  Most of the shots are taken by me or my boyfriend and we're not professionals by a long shot!  Surprisingly I get many compliments on my photographs, which always makes me feel a bit better about our interesting methods.

We did a quick and dirty shoot for most of the Something Sweet eBook in between Ken's work schedule and my jury duty.  I wanted to re-shoot, or at least add some prettier photos to supplement what we already had.  First it was such a bad day for me; record high temperatures, running late and not being able to find anything to wear.  We made it downtown and had a very delicious and very late breakfast (pumpkin crunchcakes, yum!) then began our trek to Ellis Square with stops at a few shops along the way.

Here are the outtakes from the lovely photo session, I couldn't even model any of the items because it was 90 degrees and I was sweating like crazy.  Adding a layer of wool was not going to happen!

Yay...the scarves will look so pretty floating gracefully in the air...hehe no.

 Floating on the breeze...not really.

 Kinda floating...

 The throwing thing is still not working.

Where are the scarves?

 There's one...and sadly this was the best shot of that series.  Luckily there is a large art school downtown, so most people are used to seeing people doing strange things :)  There are some more outtakes in my flickr photostream, like shots with my feet, shopping bags and weird tourists in them.