Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zephyr! and a little look at Gamine...

Zephyr is now available from my Ravelry store! Use promo code flyaway and receive 20% off Zephyr through 11/13/2011.


Also, as promised earlier this week, here is a little peek at Gamine:


Cables and lace in a merino cashmere blend, mmm! Apparently I am going through a bit of a gray phase lately, at least it goes with almost everything ♥

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sorry, for some reason I am too lazy to figure out a title! I am drawing an absolute blank and I do love a good ellipsis.

Anyway, I apologize for my absence, but I was busy. I got Zephyr off to my tech editor today, I knit and wrote/charted the 2-skein version of Ovate and...oh yeah...ran a marathon ;) I am not sure if Ovate or the marathon was tougher! It will probably be quite a long time before I do a non-repeating lace pattern again.

The 2-skein version did turn out really great and I am looking forward to snuggling up in it all winter long.  Who knew two toggles on a crochet chain could create so many different options for wearing shawls?!



Ovate large6

So by the end of the week, it is possible that both Zephyr and the 2-skein version of Ovate will be released! Now I am off to elevate my feet, but I may just get some WIP shots of Gamine first to share with you guys later this week. ♥