Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sooo Done!

I have been waiting months for this day, the pattern collection is finally complete and up for sale!  After a hellish week of jury duty (and more to come next week), I didn't think it was going to happen on time, but I pulled it all together today as best I could.  The big rush, other than already being close to a month behind my own schedule, is that I have advertising spots reserved and they need an url to point to.  Not too much sense in advertising something you can't sell, is there?

So am I going to Disney Land?  Nope, like I said jury duty bright and early, well for someone like me that works from home, it is early.  Hopefully we'll be done with this case soon so I can get back to my normal life.   It is so difficult to work on my knitting in the courthouse, because I have to keep putting it down and people seem to automatically think you aren't paying attention to them if you are knitting.

I plan on making myself an FO from the "pattern that is going to be in a book" since the sample is off being photographed and is then going on tour.  I do have a sweater design on the needles now, but it is in fingering weight so that will be awhile!  Since I have my yarn support in hand for the next pattern collection I am going to get started on that, just so I can be done well ahead of schedule!  Also, I managed to get my capelet pattern out to test knitters today, which I am pretty psyched about.

And now I have a little something for you, my lovely readers, follow this link  or enter promo code "sosweet" at Ravelry checkout to receive 20% off a copy of my Something Sweet eBook now through 11/6/2010.

Someting Sweet eBook

Friday, October 15, 2010


I am so close to finishing my Something Sweet pattern collection!  I feel like I have been working on it forever.  The nice part is, that after finishing my pattern for the book, I came back to the collection and everything was almost done...awesome.  So I just had to finish up a few samples and edit the patterns.  And now...only two patterns remain!  The testing is almost finished and they should be on their way to my lovely tech editor by Monday.

The funny thing is, after all of the craziness the past few months, I was ready for a break.  Not that I don't love designing, but I just wanted a break from expectations and deadlines...self-imposed or otherwise.  Of course that day when I was telling my friends I was going to let up on my crazy schedule, I find a message in my inbox.  I have to keep the wherefores and whatsoevers secret for now, but I in a nutshell it involves me doing a small (6) pattern collection/e-book.

I can't wait until I can say more, but it will be a few months yet.  Luckily I will be able to give little hints here and there, so be on the lookout for that once I start the collection!  The yarn support is already here, so it won't be too long.  It was incredibly exciting for me to have been sought out, instead of submitting the ideas myself.  My confidence has been boosted immensely and I am so flattered! 

I have two other designs kicking around right now, one is a drapey vest in Malabrigo Rios and the other is a capelet in Malabrigo Chunky.  The capelet has been on and off for months, I was going to submit it somewhere so I kept it a secret, but I am finding I rather enjoy the freedom of self-publishing sometimes.  Especially with the upcoming pattern collection on my plate, I am happy to just do these on my own. 

I will say it was fabulous to come back to the capelet just because it was already written and charted!  I hate charting, and this baby is all charts!  I finished up the prototype the other night, but I decided I wanted to change a few things, so I ripped and restarted yesterday.  I love chunky yarns, because I am already more than 75% done with the new prototype!  Hopefully I'll be able to get it finished and get some shots of it up next week.

The vest is actually a copy of one I saw at Target.  Of course, I ended up embellishing it a lot.  The Target vest is basically a large rectangle with armholes.  So is mine, but I decided to use a lace pattern for the fronts of my vest with a plain Stockinette back.  The Rios has a lovely drape and I love the color (Aguas).  Right now I am crossing my fingers that I will not run out of is going to be close, which is why I am working both fronts at the same time, so I can still have some yarn left for the collar.  I am probably going to stop by my LYS tomorrow, though, and hopefully they will have some left from the same dyelot (one can dream right?!!?).