Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Changing Your Style.

Knitting style, that is. In an effort to reduce stress on my wrists and maybe even speed up my glacial pace a bit, I have been trying different knitting styles. I am sure you have seen the debate that rages on about changing styles. At least once a week or so, a thread will pop up in the "Techniques" forum on Ravelry asking which is the best, fastest, etc. knitting style. Of course, the responses tend to run the gamut from "knit more to get faster at your current style" to "Continental is obviously the fastest" which is then countered by "the world's fastest knitter knits English" and on and on. At least most people tend to agree that it is good to have more than one style in your arsenal.

I think it tends to be a lot like running. When I was a marathon coach and still now, working a few hours a week at a running store, I am always asked if it is a good idea to change your running style. It is also often for the same reason that knitters want to change their style: to get faster, more efficient and to prevent injuries. But, changing a style that has become second nature can be quite difficult, whether running or knitting.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Knitter's Ailments and a Designer's Woes, Pt. 2

Here I am with the second installment of solutions I have implemented to help with the common knitter/designer issues I have come up against this year. Check out Part 1 for the first bit and back-story.

The next solution on my list is to stop sitting so much! I did that, but my productivity suffered quite a bit. I could only sit for so long, either knitting, sketching, or at the computer. If I ended up sitting for too long sketching, I would be done for the day on any other sitting work that needed to be done. This one is definitely not a cheap solution, but only 24 hours in and I am in love: a standing desk. Here is a little cell phone shot of my new baby...after the jump.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Knitter's Ailments and a Designer's Woes, Pt.1

I am sure that many of you have noticed that I am not around nearly as much as I used to be. My pattern releases have been less frequent, I only pop into Ravelry occasionally and I am sure that you can tell from the lack of posts here, I have been neglecting this blog the most. So what's the deal? I have fallen prey to the most common of knitter's ailments: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This is nothing new for me. I have small wrists, so that made me a likely candidate no matter what career path I chose. It is one of the main reasons I gave up cosmetology, plus an allergy to perm solution made a job in a salon pretty miserable for me! With knitting, I have always done well managing it, but lately it has just been wearing me down.

In addition to the CTS, my lower back has been killing me lately...I think I have officially crossed into "getting old" territory. It has made sitting for long periods quite uncomfortable. Of course, when typing or knitting, I usually end up in a seated position. 

So, what are my plans to overcome these issues? Find out after the jump.

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Releases and a Sale!

I have spent most of the winter and early spring working on some secret stuff, so that is why I haven't been around. Unfortunately, I can't drop any hints for awhile yet, but I hope it will be worth it! Lets move to subjects I can discuss.

Last week I released both Adrastea and Heliades! It is probably a little late in the year for hats for those of us in the northern hemisphere, I just could not wait until fall to release it. Of course, if you are one of those that likes to get an early start on your winter knitting, it is perfect timing! At least Heliades is great spring/summer knitting.



As a spring treat, and for those of you participating in MadMay, all of my patterns (including eBooks!) are 25% off through May 4th (11:59pm EDT). Just use the code Spring14 when checking out in my Ravelry store, Lachesis and Co.!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Indie Design Gift-A-Long

Getting ready for the holidays? Feeling overwhelmed already? Well, a bunch of indie designers have teamed up to make your holiday crafting fun instead of just another item on your to do list with the Indie Design Gift-A-Long.

So what’s in it for you (other than creating amazing gifts to give or keep for yourself)?! All of the participating designers are offering 25% off select patterns from Nov. 1-15 (GMT), see all of the patterns/designers here (all of my self-published patterns, including eBooks will be eligible for the discount and GAL prizes), just use the coupon code giftalong at checkout. The GAL will run from Nov. 1 - Dec. 31. There will be prizes, threads to chat with other gifters and support along the way for those last minute gifts ;) I hope you will join us!

Here is a sampling of my patterns that will be available (plus any patterns released during the sale will be eligible!):

lachesis and co collage

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Heh, well I guess it isn't so much housekeeping as it is venturing into the cobweb draped corners of the attic that haven't seen the light of day in ages! Anyway, I want to clean this place up a bit and get it back to a functioning "living" space. So, hopefully I am back...I know I have said that before and then disappeared into the ether, but I'll try harder this time!

I won't get into a ton of excuses for my absence. Mostly, there were just other things that took my attention away from knitting and blogging for a while. My plan to prevent this from happening is to add some content other than strictly knitting, kind of like what I did for the holidays a couple of years ago. This way if I am distracted from knitting for a time, it won't take me away from the blog...and for those of you here only for the knitting I hope that doesn't bother you!

So, you might be seeing some make-up/nail art posts, maybe some baking or cooking, running and random crafts in addition to the knitting stuff. I have been meaning to get some videos together, too, so once I get iMovie figured out, those will be added to the mix. Also, if anyone is still out there, I will gladly take suggestions on what you guys would like to see here like tutorials or any burning questions you've got  :)

One last thing...the Everything Nice Hoodie from Fresh Designs: Sweaters is now available as an individual download! Check it out here!

Friday, April 6, 2012


I am so sorry for my extended absence! I became completely overwhelmed by my self-imposed knitting goals and had to take a little break from it for my sanity and to indulge a bit in my other hobbies (nail art, anyone?!). At this point, knitting is definitely no longer a hobby, but a job.  While I still love it, it does no hold the relaxation or enjoyment that it did before it required deadlines, meticulous notes and hours of typing. Now, don't get me wrong....I am definitely not complaining that I get to sit home and knit, while many others head to work! It has just become like any job...without balance it can become overwhelming.

In addition to my little burn out, I was out of town for a couple weeks doing some more skiing and taking care of my nephew while my sister and brother-in-law welcomed my adorable niece to the world! And...I was sick for 2 weeks, plus the summer heat arrived incredibly early here, so all of that helped throw a wrench in my knitting schedule as well. I do have adorable pictures of S in the (too big - she's such a peanut!) hat that I knit for her, if that helps make up for it ;)

Since I have gotten my mojo back...I have decided to start working on another shawl eBook.  Currently I am planning to include 4 designs, but I may decide to add more! The other day, I got to see the final proof of the Fresh Designs: Sweaters book from Cooperative Press that has a pattern of mine in it! I can't wait until the book is published!

Also, I have promised to put together a little video on top-down pockets...there isn't much out there for top-down pockets. I found that quite surprising considering the popularity of top-down sweaters, though, maybe it isn't as popular as I think?! So if you know of any top-down pocket videos/tutorials, definitely let me know...I love finding more resources to point people towards if they want to add pockets to their Zephyr or Gamine and I want to make sure I am filling a gap in the currently available information!

I'll be back soon...I promise ♥