Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WIP: Cyllene

Poor Cyllene (sə-LEE-nee), this cardi was started in April 2013 - YIKES! After finishing my latest pattern collection, Poseidon's Realm Part Two, I felt very guilty about neglecting this project.

Cyllene knit cardigan WIP

When I picked this back up, I was having trouble matching my previous gauge and in the intervening years I have had a few weight fluctuations. I am at a crossroads with this WIP right now. It is the perfect time of year to be finishing up a fingering weight cardi, but I am also excited to get to work on the new designs I have sketched up for my fall/winter 15 collection. 

At this point I will work on this when I have time, and use it as practice for in seam pockets. It may end up in a pocket tutorial, even if it doesn't get sleeves or make it to pattern. Now, I need to get over my camera shyness so I can shoot some of said video tutorials ;)

What do you with neglected WIPs that you feel guilty/ambivalent/unhappy about?

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  1. You have made it wonderfully.I am waiting for your video tutorials so that I could also make it at home.Its just a lovely idea of doing tutorial of this collection of yours.