Monday, August 18, 2014

Finery's up, Crinaeae's on deck and Poseidon's Realm Pt. 2 is in the hole!

Since things have been back on track for a bit, it is nice to finally start seeing some progress! The great sample knitter experiment is underway. So far, so good.

First up is Finery, which was released on Friday. I love doing fun and colorful striped and patterned cardigans like Coastal Hoodie and Thyone, but sometimes it is nice to have a classic cardigan that will go with anything! That was the idea behind Finery. A simple, easy to knit cardigan with a few fine details to dress it up a bit.

Also, as an aside, I just got my haircut and I LOVE it! I hate taking a ton of time to do my hair, so nothing beats the magic of a wash and wear style for me. Especially in the summer, in the south...the local weatherman described the weather for this week as "an oppressive stretch," I can't wait. Fall always takes too long to come!

On deck is Crinaeae, a cable and lace cardigan, also with a coordinating hat. I have almost finished up the samples, which have taken forever due to my CTS. I figured it was best if I finished them instead of sending them off to a sample knitter halfway done. My main concern was that the it would be pretty hard to get an exact gauge match and I didn't want a noticeable line on the cardigan where there was a pinch knitter (to keep the baseball references going)! I don't have any shots of the set for you right now, but I am hoping that everything will be ready to roll on this very soon!

There had to be a Part 2, right?! I had originally intended the second in the Poseidon's Realm series to be done within 6 months of the first, but yeah, that didn't happen. The bonus is that it was supposed to only have 3 patterns, but now will have 5 and maybe even 6 new shawl patterns. One sample is already done and 2 have been partially completed by sample knitters, so I am planning on this one to be ready early October. Here is a look at Dictynna in lovely Rasta in Arco Iris:

I love Rasta so much, nothing like instant gratification. Especially for someone like me that doesn't get that very often. I know some of you hate knitting with large needles, but at least it is only for a very short amount of time, right?!