Saturday, June 7, 2014

Knitter's Ailments and a Designer's Woes, Pt. 2

Here I am with the second installment of solutions I have implemented to help with the common knitter/designer issues I have come up against this year. Check out Part 1 for the first bit and back-story.

The next solution on my list is to stop sitting so much! I did that, but my productivity suffered quite a bit. I could only sit for so long, either knitting, sketching, or at the computer. If I ended up sitting for too long sketching, I would be done for the day on any other sitting work that needed to be done. This one is definitely not a cheap solution, but only 24 hours in and I am in love: a standing desk. Here is a little cell phone shot of my new baby...after the jump.

Tada! This thing is brilliant! I love that I can move it up and down, so it easily goes from sitting to standing. The best part is, it also takes a lot of stress off my wrists while typing and especially while using the mouse. Right now it is still a novelty, so I want to be on the computer every second trying it out. That is a big bonus, I have finally finished putting together my grading workbook in Excel (check out this class to learn more, no affiliation, just took it and loved it!) and I have written a few blog posts! I got this desk, and so far so good (again no affiliation, just super pleased with the product)!

Another standing, or actually near standing option I have is a drafting table for my sketching. Of course it is in its box waiting to be assembled and for me to find a place to put it.  Now, I just need to find a way to get a bit more coordinated with knitting and standing.

Finally, I have been doing hand therapy. While I am working I take short breaks to stretch my hands and wrists. I have a little nubbly ball that is great for massaging my palms, I am lucky that one of my dogs hasn't run off with it yet. Another option I have tried is ART, it helped quite a bit. It can be a bit painful if you decide to go for it, but definitely worth it.

The last CTS therapy I have been doing is ice dips. It pretty much is exactly what it sounds like, fill the sink with water and ice, then dip your arm in, hand to elbow. Not so much fun in the winter, but now that summer has its steamy grip on the can be delightful. It is also the main tenant of the Ravelry group Crafting with Carpal Tunnel. Check them out for even more tips on dealing with CTS!

I hope this series has been helpful and given you a few ideas for changes you can make to help prevent and alleviate some common knitter's ailments. Do you have any tips on overcoming knitting overuse injuries? Share them in the comments below!


  1. I have issue with my neck that flares up every so often, and I have been looking for a stand up desk. I'll be sure to look at what you are using. For awhile, I used a big pilates ball to sit on - it forces you to tighten your core and not slump; poor posture is a killer on the neck. It doesn't help that my day time job is a software application specialist, so I sit at a desk at work all day too and then come home and do the same thing. I'm hoping that maybe this set-up will be something I can bring to work and use on my desk. I'm just not sure that this curved cubicle desk has the proper dimensions to use what you have shown.

    1. I have really enjoyed the stand up desk so far! Luckily they have a few different size options, so hopefully you will find one that works for you.