Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sooo Done!

I have been waiting months for this day, the pattern collection is finally complete and up for sale!  After a hellish week of jury duty (and more to come next week), I didn't think it was going to happen on time, but I pulled it all together today as best I could.  The big rush, other than already being close to a month behind my own schedule, is that I have advertising spots reserved and they need an url to point to.  Not too much sense in advertising something you can't sell, is there?

So am I going to Disney Land?  Nope, like I said jury duty bright and early, well for someone like me that works from home, it is early.  Hopefully we'll be done with this case soon so I can get back to my normal life.   It is so difficult to work on my knitting in the courthouse, because I have to keep putting it down and people seem to automatically think you aren't paying attention to them if you are knitting.

I plan on making myself an FO from the "pattern that is going to be in a book" since the sample is off being photographed and is then going on tour.  I do have a sweater design on the needles now, but it is in fingering weight so that will be awhile!  Since I have my yarn support in hand for the next pattern collection I am going to get started on that, just so I can be done well ahead of schedule!  Also, I managed to get my capelet pattern out to test knitters today, which I am pretty psyched about.

And now I have a little something for you, my lovely readers, follow this link  or enter promo code "sosweet" at Ravelry checkout to receive 20% off a copy of my Something Sweet eBook now through 11/6/2010.

Someting Sweet eBook

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