Monday, March 7, 2011

Work in Progress: Hesperides

It took me a little longer than I had hoped to get pictures of my latest WIP, Hesperides.  These were taken with the new wireless remote I got for my camera, since I was the only one home today.  It was actually quite interesting to see what I look like when I knit!

knitting hesperides 1

Every "action" shot I got was a bit blurry...I don't really knit that fast!  I think I just had the bad luck of moving my hand every time the camera took a shot.  I set it for a 2 second delay so I could get the remote out of the shot ;)  Also, I've noticed I hold my right middle and ring fingers super awkward...funny.

knitting hesperides 2

Here is a little larger look at Hesperides.  It is a triangular shawl with alternating bands of stockinette and a striped lacy section.  The original striped lace I had swatched for this worked out horribly in action, but maybe someday it will live again as a scarf or stole.  Luckily the change didn't set me back too far and I managed to recover the design gracefully and still keep the general look I was going for.

When I came up with this design, I had wanted something that would work well with a variegated yarn and a complementary solid color.  Since I have an unhealthy obsession with variegated yarns, I am always trying to come up with good uses for them.  This way I can justify those skeins that inevitably find their way into my stash and it offers up a fun challenge for me to tackle.

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