Friday, April 6, 2012


I am so sorry for my extended absence! I became completely overwhelmed by my self-imposed knitting goals and had to take a little break from it for my sanity and to indulge a bit in my other hobbies (nail art, anyone?!). At this point, knitting is definitely no longer a hobby, but a job.  While I still love it, it does no hold the relaxation or enjoyment that it did before it required deadlines, meticulous notes and hours of typing. Now, don't get me wrong....I am definitely not complaining that I get to sit home and knit, while many others head to work! It has just become like any job...without balance it can become overwhelming.

In addition to my little burn out, I was out of town for a couple weeks doing some more skiing and taking care of my nephew while my sister and brother-in-law welcomed my adorable niece to the world! And...I was sick for 2 weeks, plus the summer heat arrived incredibly early here, so all of that helped throw a wrench in my knitting schedule as well. I do have adorable pictures of S in the (too big - she's such a peanut!) hat that I knit for her, if that helps make up for it ;)

Since I have gotten my mojo back...I have decided to start working on another shawl eBook.  Currently I am planning to include 4 designs, but I may decide to add more! The other day, I got to see the final proof of the Fresh Designs: Sweaters book from Cooperative Press that has a pattern of mine in it! I can't wait until the book is published!

Also, I have promised to put together a little video on top-down pockets...there isn't much out there for top-down pockets. I found that quite surprising considering the popularity of top-down sweaters, though, maybe it isn't as popular as I think?! So if you know of any top-down pocket videos/tutorials, definitely let me know...I love finding more resources to point people towards if they want to add pockets to their Zephyr or Gamine and I want to make sure I am filling a gap in the currently available information!

I'll be back soon...I promise ♥

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  1. definitely forgiven - she is precious!!! congratulations on becoming an aunt again. I love your blog, i'm a newcomer here and your designs are just gorgeous. have a knitty day xxx