Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brilliant ideas.

Is it just me, that almost all of my bright ideas tend to come to me when I am either in the shower or out running...both times that I don't happen to have a pencil and paper with me!  While it certainly is not a groundbreaking idea, I decided to start working on an ebook, basically to compliment and include my Dulcet pattern.  See I have a bit of an obsession with ribbon lately, as in I want everything to be tied up in pretty bows.

I was washing what little hair I have the other day when I got an idea for a cape/cowl type thing and then thought of a hat that would be cool and a lace scarf that would compliment them too.  And they all have to have names that go along with the Dulcet "sweet" theme, like Fondant, Spun Sugar and Meringue.  It was pretty crazy and I am sure my boyfriend thought I was crazy as I went running out of the shower still dripping trying to get to my design notebook and scribble it all down, just in case my brain decided to lose it!  So here is one of my prototypes:

Fondant is knit in a super bulky yarn, Malabrigo Aquarella, and laced up with 1.5 inch satin ribbon.  I wanted to design a piece that was really versatile and a bit funky...I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!  The pattern is mostly done for this, I just need to get the photo tutorial shot of the different ways to lace and wear it and get a test knitter or two to give it a go and it will be ready for release into the wild!

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