Friday, July 16, 2010

Next up.

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This is Meringue the next design in my sweet themed design collection. A lovely hat like a fluffy swirl of meringue, with an eyelet band that can be laced through with ribbon. I found this lovely chocolate colored ribbon with tiny gold flecks months ago and knew I had to come up with a use for it...voila!

The pattern is currently with test knitters and I am not sure if I want to gradually release the patterns in the collection as they are finished or do them all at the same time. I think I should just get a Magic 8 ball to help me with all of my decisions because I am so indecisive >_<

I have begun the sample for the next pattern from the ribbon, but it does have a ruffle! Currently there are seven designs slated for my little collection, but a really great wrench has been thrown into the of my design proposals has been accepted for publication! So, since that is on someone else's dime it takes precedence over my ebook : )

There is not too much I can say about it, what a tease right?! But, I can tell you that up until a few days ago that idea was nothing but a page with a sketch and a few scribbled notes in my design binder. The past couple of days have been a frenzy of excitement, anxiety, swatching and charting! To tell you the truth I am still in shock and can hardly believe it. Of course we got our first assignment for the tech editing class yesterday...I can hardly concentrate on that! I guess it is pretty good timing, though, as I'll feel much more confident in my pattern writing skills once the class gets rolling.

So if I am not posting that often, it is because I am busy working on super-awesome extra-secret knitterly things!

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  1. The ribbon is such a sweet touch!

    Congrats on your secret design being accepted. =)