Monday, October 3, 2011

Gettin' it Done!

Zephyr is done, and I absolutely love it! I really enjoyed learning a new construction method (Contiguous) and can't wait to start (or more accurately, rip and restart) another contiguous sweater!


There is a definite learning curve that comes with doing anything new, of course raglans are easy for me now, but the first one certainly wasn't.  And I hadn't a clue what adjustments to make to the fit on that first one.  I already tried a few alterations on Zephyr, just based on recommendations from other contiguous knitters...back neck increases and I also tried a couple body and sleeve increases to curve the armscye a bit where it meets the body.


Hopefully I will have a bit of free time soon to really concentrate and get the pattern rolling on this.  I had hoped to get going on it today, but I am not sure if I have the mental fortitude.  Plus, Caliper is in the final stages of testing, so there are a lot of little edits that need to be done and hopefully I can get that off to my editor soon.  I also have three other hat and winter accessory patterns and samples that I would like to get done so I can release them as an eBook in plenty of time for everyone's holiday knitting...but if the clamor for Zephyr continues, I may just have to put the eBook on the back burner for now.



  1. What's a cute sweater! I'm absolutely love in it too. Hope to find enough time to make it ASAP.
    Thank you for you awesome models.

  2. it's really lovely! you never cease to amaze me with what comes off your needles :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I am not gonna lie, it came out way better than I had anticipated ;)