Monday, September 26, 2011

Sneak Peek: Caliper

I got the yarn for my Zephyr cardi and I really lucked out on that one! The skeins I bought from a friendly Raveler matched 3 of my 4.  Unfortunately I still had to rip back an entire skeins worth, but it wasn't all bad since I had wanted to try altering the shaping slightly.  It should be ready for a peek soon, just a sleeve and a half to go...and no finishing. After the Coastal Hoodie, I wanted something to be finished stitches to pick up, no pockets just sew on a few toggles and buttonloops then DONE!

Anyway, here is that look at my newest hat, Caliper.  It comes in two versions: a worsted weight beanie and a DK weight scrunchy toque with a fun draw cord loop and toggle (the same toggles that will probably end up on Zephyr, heh).  I am just finishing up the pattern now, hopefully it will be off to my testers in a few days :)


DK version.


Worsted version.

Currently I am trying to decide if I want to offer a hat eBook all at once, or release the patterns as they are ready and then create the eBook. Of course anyone that purchases one of the individual patterns before the eBook is released will get a discount off the whole kit n' kaboodle ;D

Oh, and I finally got a Lachesis and Co. facebook page (you can find the link in the upper right corner of this page) isn't really that exciting, I just post the blog updates there for now.  Hopefully I will get something exciting going there soon!

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