Friday, September 2, 2011

Another New Pattern!

Hey kiddos! I am so sorry that I continue to be horrible about keeping y'all updated.  Notice how I try to butter you guys up with a little southern drawl ♥ of course it is finished with that lingering touch of Jersey accent I still have after all these years ;)  But...I have been busy! I present Bubbles and Baubles:



This was an amazing experience for me.  I came up with the idea of this shawl over a year ago and was just waiting for my brain to be able to execute it.  Lots of math (or maths as the Brits say) and lots of charting, sketches and my extra large graph paper tablet helped bring it to life.  Of course, not taking the easy way out, the entire shawl is beaded...and yes, that is a looped picot edging!

Enjoy my lovlies and I promise to try to provide more regular updates! I am currently working on a mess of magazine submissions, a contiguous cardi and another eBook (or two)! Oh yeah, I am still marathon training too, so I hope that will be enough to earn your forgiveness...xoxo.


  1. O my god! What's a wonderful shawl! I like it very much.

  2. Wow, it´s a wonderful shawl, great!
    I like it :-)


  3. it's beautiful, and I think I have the perfect skein of yarn for it. Love that it's beaded! Am I the only one who yearns for a challeng in their knits?

  4. Thanks so much everyone! are not the only one. For some unknown reason I love to write up and work challenging patterns :)

  5. love, love, love it!

    Ana BC