Monday, September 12, 2011

Disaster Averted.

After all of my rambling on last week about my wonderful rustic wool...I encountered an issue. My skeins looked pretty well matched so I didn't take the time to compare them in strong natural light. So as I was working in the second skein I noticed it was a bit lighter than the first...I am an old hat at alternating so I happily continued on.

Now the horrible part...I was adding the third skein when it finally hits me that the last 2 are quite a bit darker than the first 2.  I was so mad at myself, because I could've probably blended them fine if I had taken the time before I started, but NOOOOOOO...not me! I like to make my life difficult.

Anyway, I was completely crushed...start over >_< ...start over in a different yarn :*( ....or search the stashes in rav :) Oh yeah, I was so lucky to find a wonderful person that had the same color in their stash and was willing to sell me a couple skeins!  I ♥ Ravelry!

The yarn should arrive tomorrow and I am hoping that it will either be closer to my lighter skein or be in between the 2 shades so I won't have to rip a lot.  Said sweater has both RS and WS 2 stitch twists...not the most fun to rip and redo! Fingers crossed!

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