Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays!

As my [insert winter holiday of choice] gift to you...I am going to post consistently all week! What a novel concept, huh? It isn't going to all be about knitting or design, but it will all be crafty!

I am kicking the week off with my Christmas manicure:


Yay, mistletoe! I am still deeply in love with nail much so that I keep ordering stamping plates >_<  The images I used were from the Bundle Monster set, plates BM219 and BM225. My nail polish/accessories stash is starting to catch up to my yarn stash...I might need a bigger house, heh.

And see...there is actual knitting in this photo! I made a bunch of these trees this year, sans trunk.  They seemed to stand better with the wide base and I might have gotten a bit lazy towards the end ;)

I'll be back again very soon with shots of my holiday knitting!


  1. Thanks...this mani has been going strong since last week! I almost hope it will chip so I can get in one more festive design before Christmas!