Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holidays II, The Knits

Every year I say that I am not going to knit anything for the holidays, then without fail, two weeks before I must KNIT ALL THE THINGS! Of course this leads to about a week of me zoning out in front of the computer watching Netflix (Doctor Who this year, since I skipped straight to Matt Smith, I wanted to check out Drs. 9 and 10) with my tiny dpns knitting ornaments and such non-stop.

So here is what I made:

death star

Little Death Star...so festive!



zombie santa

...being chased by a zombie Santa (why yes, that is a dismembered antler...I watch too much Walking Dead)!

knitted christmas

Group shot! Those balls were the beginning of a yarn ball wreath, but I lost steam on that project.  I made the big snowball and tree for my nephew.  Also, note the crocheted flower! Even with my horrible skills, like chaining is hard for me, I managed these flowers! I kind of want to make myself something absurd with them...but first I will probably make some for my future niece who is scheduled to arrive in March :)

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