Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holidays III, The Noms

So here is what else I included in my all handmade Christmas...blood sugar spikes for all!

magic cookie bars

Magic Cookie Bars, recipe here, omitted the nuts and made a thicker graham cracker crust.  We have been making these every Christmas for as long as I can remember...ridiculously sweet, delicious and addictive!


Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, Nutella Cookies (from Cuisine at Home magazine), Oatiest Oatmeal Cookies (with cinnamon chips instead of raisins).

homemade caramel popcorn

Caramel Popcorn...amazing, and not as intimidating as I thought it would be!

fleur de sel caramels

Fleur de Sel Caramels...used this recipe; but instead of vanilla extract, I infused the cream with two vanilla beans. These are sooo good, I am such a salty/sweet lover! Luckily I had one pan that got horribly mangled during my first try at chocolate they got to stay with me!

Whew, I managed to get everything out in the mail yesterday and now have my fingers crossed that they will arrive on time! There still isn't time for me to relax...I just finished the rest of my gift shopping today...and I am still not finished with the man-sized sock knitting  >_<  I think I need to go eat some more caramels ;D

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