Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great 2012 so far! Right now I am bogged down in the editing of Gamine...or I could say avoiding editing Gamine >_<  At this point, where I need to do the final revisions with my editor, I always seem to hit this wall and don't even want to look at the pattern anymore.  Hopefully I will find more motivation after I take down the Christmas decorations...or that I will do some editing to avoid that! The house always looks so sad after the decorations come down...maybe that is a sign that I should work on redecorating my house ;)

I have been a bit scattered the past month. I haven't really been able to focus on anything, especially knitting.  This year (here comes the resolutions!) I want to make an actual work schedule for myself.  Since I design full time, I do it whenever I want...which usually alternates between days of nothing but knitting or writing and then a week of nothing. Plus, I feel guilty when I indulge in my other artistic endeavors, since I feel that it is taking away from my design time. As much as I have fought against it, I need to add a little structure to my designing so I don't burn myself out. 

Another good thing about the schedule...I will be setting aside time each week to dedicate to blogging.  Yeah, that means consistent posting! I hope I will have plenty to share, and if there are any questions or anything you want to know...definitely leave a note in the comments! Also, I just started a tumblog that I have been posting pictures of other stuff I make and do...from photography to nails and hairstyles...it is just a mishmash of stuff that doesn't fit here, if you ever want to stop by.  So here's to sticking with resolutions in the wonderful year to come ♥


  1. Oooh! So glad you'll be blogging more!

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts, and seeing your photos, and sneak peaks :) You inspire me to keep pushing along, to keep designing things in the hopes that people will start to notice me, standing in a room full of talented designers and waiving my little hand in the air, saying "look at me!", lol. Anyway, I can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

  3. @Yarnexploder - Thanks! I am writing up my schedule today ;D

    @Cambria - I know exactly what you mean, I often feel the same! So I am just going to continue to pour all of my heart into designing and hope that the passion shines through!