Thursday, January 5, 2012

How I Wore It...

Now, I am definitely not the most fashionable girl on the self-consciousness and need for comfort tend to get in the way. Plus, I don't really do a lot of exciting stuff.  I don't find myself out having cocktails multiple times a week at swanky venues, so my wardrobe doesn't extend far beyond casual.  I base my designs around my lifestyle and what I like to wear...which is how I came up with this idea.  I plan on showing how I wear my knits...there will be a lengthy hiatus once it heats up down here (in a couple of months), though! But I thought this might be a fun way to see the design beyond the "pattern page" photos.

Here I am in my large Belmondo, getting ready to go shopping:

I wear this shawl all the time, usually wrapped as a scarf or around my shoulders when it is a little chilly. Jeans and t-shirts are usually the order of the day for me, so hopefully this won't get too boring as the weeks go on ;)

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