Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sneak Peek: Cordate

Here is a better look at Cordate for you guys! I finished up the draft today, shot the pictures and got it out to my testers.  I do need to re-shoot the photos, because I didn't get the detail that I wanted, but there was a storm rolling in. Plus, I realized that the wrong side of the scarf was showing in about half of the pictures and I was making ridiculous faces in some of the others >_< Anyway, enough talking, here are the pics:





See...wrong side, at least it doesn't look that bad!  I did have a ton of fun editing these in photoshop (got it for Christmas, a nice upgrade from elements!) and RadLab, which really is quite rad! If you have photoshop and are looking for a way to make editing really simple and awesome you should check it out (no, they don't pay me, I just love it)!

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