Friday, February 3, 2012

An Interview...

Hey there, just a quick little post for you today! I was interviewed by Robin Hunter on her blog, check it out.  It was really fun and the questions were quite interesting and thought provoking for me. Thanks, Robin!

Right now I am working on putting the finishing touches on Cordate, so hopefully it will be ready to go next week! I also have to edit all those photos I took so I can show you guys some more of my Swatch Its, How I Wore It and an O.P.P. (Other Person's Pattern) that kept me warm on the slopes.


  1. Great interview! I enjoyed reading about your design process (and discovering a new blog to follow in the process, lol).

  2. Hi Tory,
    this was a great Interview. I lover your Designs. I knit at the Moment my third Zephyr.