Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Swatch It: Gamine

Here's a look back at the beginnings of Gamine...if you look close you can even see the origins of Cordate in this swatch! This was actually the fourth or fifth swatch for Gamine.  As I said in a previous post, Gamine was the first garment design idea that I sketched out in my little design notebook.  I wanted to take a lot of time with it to make sure that it was right!


This was the first swatch that was done in the final color. I know a lot of you anti-swatchers might think I am crazy...but my original swatches were in another color, that didn't end up being quite right. The different colors felt a bit different weight and drape-wise, so I went ahead and did another swatch in the final color. Obsessive, maybe...but it ensures that my pattern will come out the correct size and so will your FO! 


  1. before I started designing, I hated to swatch too. But now I spend more time swatching than anything else. I love to see how different the stitch will look in different yarns. So there's definitely no judgment here ;)