Monday, February 13, 2012

Swatch It: Alluvion

This poor sweater has nearly been swatched to death! It is still a WIP, actually it has been languishing a bit. I am almost done with the body, but I have just been soooo easily distracted my niece is scheduled to enter the world at the beginning of March, so baby knitting has taken priority :)

Anyway here is a look at the ridiculous amount of swatches...


Alluvion swatch 2


So...what's with all the swatches, right?!? Well, this is what happens when I really want to work with a yarn that I have never used before! I was trying different patterns to check out the stitch definition, making large swatches to check the drape and mostly trying to find out what the yarn wanted to be.  By the way, the yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Techno and it is unlike anything I have used before. It is extremely light and fluffy and just different. It does not have any twist, as it is a silk net tube with baby alpaca and merino "blown" into it.

The winner ended up being the swatch in the third picture, I like how the simpler antler cable and garter rib compliment the yarn better.  Also I worried that the fuzziness of the yarn might end up obscuring the more detailed texture patterns over time. Don't worry, though...they will be making appearances in other designs at some point!

I am heading out of town again for a bit (more skiing!), but before I do, I hope to make some more progress both on Alluvion and some baby knits! So before the week is out I should hopefully have at least a WIP shot and a cute little FO or two :)

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