Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting there.

 Yesterday I got the revisions that need to be made to Dulcet from my tech editor.  Can I just say, tech editors are awesome!?!  I had messed up the sizing in my effort to keep the pattern simple...so that means I have been doing a lot of editing since last night. 

For any designer that isn't sure if a tech editor is worth it...they so are.  Not only are they great for catching the little typos or symbol discrepancies in charts, but they check your math.  Sometimes, as in my case, one little error can throw the whole thing off the rails! 

Luckily everything is back on track and I should be finishing up my first round of editing tonight.  I also took some new pictures, since you could see through my shirt on the last set...heheh.  It was absolutely bugging the crap out of me, so I got dolled up and braved 93 degree temperatures in my wool shrug!

Hopefully, everything will keep moving along and this pattern will be done by the end of the week.  I would really love to have it released by Friday...or even earlier if I can buckle down and get to work!  Obviously I could probably be working on it right now, but I had to give a little update!

So fingers crossed that I will be posting about the release in a few days!  Also poor Winsome is still coming along.  I had planned to work on it all day yesterday, but my AC broke and by the time that was under control, I had to get to work on Dulcet.  Man, if only I were a speed knitter!

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