Thursday, June 17, 2010

Riiiip, sigh.

My poor, poor Winsome is all my fault really....I messed up the stitch count.  What does that mean?  Yes, a lot of ripping.  I am giving the stitch pattern one last try, if it doesn't work out this time I am calling it quits and just doing plain old Stockinette.  At least I love the shape and structure, so it won't be too horrible if it comes to that...but I don't want to give up yet on my idea of progressively more eyelets that merge into a lattice or mesh pattern at the hem.

Really, I shouldn't be too upset, this is only the first major design set back (hopefully not of many) that I have encountered.  I know that all the headaches are part of the learning process and I am trying not to be impatient...because that only leads to more mistakes.  Plus I have a small problem with perfectionism and that isn't doing me any favors.

In other non-whiny news, I have signed up for knitgrrl's tech editing class!  I am very excited about this opportunity to learn about knitwear design from such talented people in the industry and to be able to chat with other designers like myself.  The great thing about this class is learning, hopefully, a  better way to size knitted garments, which is one of the main topics of the class.  That means no more hunting down 50 different sources with 50 different ideas on sizing and grading, at the end of which I end up in frustrated tears and just go knit a scarf!  Hopefully it will also mean more concise and well written patterns from me with better schematics :)

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