Thursday, June 10, 2010

San Diego and whatnots.

I just got back from coaching my team for the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon.  I was sad that I didn't get as much knitting done on the flight as I had hoped, but I do hate knitting socks...if only my boyfriend didn't like them.  The weather was fabulous, even if I did get some serious sunburn/chafing on race day...that comes with the territory, though  when you're on a race course for close to 10 hours and run close to 30 miles!

In other news, things went a little wonky with a submission, so I am now planning on self publishing that prototype I was talking about.  It is a lace weight shrug, featuring eyelets laced with ribbon and turned picot hems and collar.  I currently have one tester done and a few in progress.  Hopefully it will be all prettied up and ready for release by the end of the month!  Here's a shot of the finished prototype:

It is knit in Willow Creek from Pagewood Farm, a nice heavy lace weight that seems almost a light fingering weight to me.  That works well for a completely impatient knitter like myself!  The weather was quite chilly in San Diego for a Georgia peach, so I got to wear this a lot while I was there and happily garnered a few compliments along the way!

Now that Olive is done, though it is big and may require some altering, I am back to work on my Winsome Proto:

I have made some more progress since this photo, the waist decreases are done and I am almost finished the increases.  Today I did some more swatching of the lace pattern I'll be using and I think my math is sound and I am ready to continue.  Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have more pictures to post for you!

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